Our strengths

Parts that form a functioning whole

Based on each client's situation, the delivery is adapted so that both the whole delivery and details function perfectly in practice. Unlike many of our competitors, for many assignments we can offer a complete delivery that includes consultancy services & training. This makes it easy for our customers to collaborate with us. We have both the understanding and the ability to create a functioning whole, from strategy to operative reality.

Top class expertise

To us at PTC, competence means the ability to turn knowledge and methods into practical action. In other words, getting things done!

Our consultants are known for their understanding of the bigger picture as well as the details involved in an organization’s working, management and external influences. They also have an experienced, analytical eye and the ability to work together with and motivate your team, many of them being certified project managers. An ability to communicate is very important, since PTC prioritizes the transfer of knowledge, making PTC a company respected by its clients.

Methodology in practice

PTC conducts regular testing to find high-quality solutions, which are then used in its assignments. We have a wealth of experience of what works in practice and this is collated in PTC’s own method library, which represents the core of our knowledge and experience management.
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Al Attar Tower, 2nd Floor, Office 201
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Tel:   (961) (76) 711 792
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